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The first association in Catalonia devoted to
Central Sensitizacion Syndromes
(Fibromyalgia - CFS/EM - MCS - EHS)

We are a non-profit association, legally constituted under the article 22 of the Constitution.

Our activities are regulated under Law 4/2008 and according to our statutes. The association is registered in the Generalitat de Catalunya associations' register, with number 29.605, first section of the Register of Barcelona.

The association was founded in December 1999 and currently has over 4,000 associates around the country. Today, we also have a good number of non-affected people collaborating in achieving the aims of the organization. ACAF activities are financed through social contributions, government grants and private donations.

The association was founded dedicated to the care of fibromyalgia (FM), but soon included the chronic fatigue syndrome / myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) (which already collect officially in its statutes in 2009) and lately also the electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). For this reason it was considered appropriate to incorporate the concept of Central Sensitization Syndromes (CSS), to gather attention to FM, CFS/ME, MCS, EHS and any other CSS that may be related to it.

We have established territorial activity centres in several regions, located in public or private spaces ceded by administrations, entities and institutions and we are working on to establish some more.

Although there is still a lot to be done, the support from the administration and from many health professionals is increasing every day and we are working together so that all of us affected by Central Sensitization Syndromes can have all the medical attention, social recognition and necessary support to achieve the best possible quality of life. By joining forces we will certainly succeed.

Come, and we will help each other!



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