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In this section we will explain in detail which activities and actions are organized and performed by the association, within the frame of what we understand that it must be a socio-sanitary association basically formed by ill people.

ACAF's activities can be divided into three large groups: those who include the whole territory (activities for all Territorial Activity Centres), those limited to the specific area of each one of the Territorial Activity Centres, and those designed to be attended from home.

1. GLOBAL ACTIVITIES; managed directly by the Board of Directors and Team Work, under the guidelines of the General Assembly, addressed to all entity members and, by extension, to their families and all citizens. These global activities include:

  • Edition of diptychs, triptychs, leaflets and other informative material for its dissemination through the Territorial Centres.
  • Collaboration with the magazine biorritmes; a magazine edited by La Patumaire Edicions, devoted to the information of issues related to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME, and other Central Sensitization Syndromes. All members of the association receive, periodically, the magazine biorritmes by post at their home address, or by e-mail.

  • Maintenance of the website, which you are now consulting, and of the association's social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Mastodon, etc.).

  • Organization of conferences and talks.

  • Organization of work meetings with the Territorial Coordinators.

  • Collaboration with other organizations (foundations, associations, etc.) for the World Fibromyalgia Day activities (12th May).

  • Interviews with representatives of the administration (Generalitat, Town Councils, Consells Comarcals, etc) and with people responsible for health centres, with the aim of making them aware of the lacks and needs of people affected by Central Sensitization Syndromes (FM, CFS/ME, MCS and EHS).

  • Interviews with people responsible for other organizations that may contribute to improve the living conditions of people affected by CSS.

  • To search for and establish collaboration agreements as well as agreements with public and private firms, with the aim of obtaining discounts on the services they can offer to the ACAF members (fitness centres, swimming pools, medical centres, etc).

  • To promote, in the widest possible manner, a social response to the existence of CSS, what they are and what are its effects on the people affected by it, with the aim of raising the required social awareness on the problems and needs of all of us who suffer the illness day-to-day, willing to improve our quality of life.

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2. ONLINE ACTIVITIES; currently, the ACAF has the most comprehensive program of activities for people affected by fibromyalgia and other CSSs in the country. These activities, adapted to be carried out from home, are intended for people associated with the ACAF, regardless of which Territorial Headquarters of Activities they are attached to. Some of these activities, especially those of an informative nature, are also aimed at their families and the general public.

Today, remote activities are, among others::

  • Personalized attention, through telephone, communication platforms and social networks, in order to provide information and guidance to the affected people and their relatives who contact the association.

  • Programming and maintenance of online spaces for activities for people associated at YouTube and Instagram. Work is underway to build an exclusive website for associates.
  • Organization of conferences, talks and/or webinars on aspects related to diseases: nutrition, latest advances in research and treatment, techniques for better living with the disease, etc.
  • Therapeutic activities and workshops, adapted to people with central sensitization syndromes (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, multiple chemical sensitivity, etc.):
ACAF schedule of activities
Estimulació cognitiva
Qi-gong amb Ferran Lorenzo
Moviment regenerador
Grup d'ajuda mútua
Integració corporal
Pilates per a fibromiàlgia
Grup d'ajuda mútua - tarda
Taitxí des de casa
Txikung, amb Emilia Ferraris
Trobada de Dansa Moviment Teràpia
Xerrades divulgatives Serveis persones afectades
  • Programming and maintenance of online activity spaces for associated persons (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). We are working on building an exclusive web space for associated persons.

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3. TERRITORIAL ACTIVITIES; managed and coordinated by the Territorial Coordinators, under the Board of Directors guidelines, addressed to the members of the association who are assigned to a specific Territorial Centre, as well as to their families and citizens of that specific area. These activities are the following:

  • Dissemination of diptychs, triptychs, leaflets and other informative material, handed out to all visitors of the Territorial Activity Centres and also at informative street stalls, health centres, civic centres, pharmacies, etc.

  • Individual attention to patients who come to the association providing them with information and orientation.

  • Mutual Help Groups (MHGs) and/or other group therapies with the aim of providing each other with the tools that will permit us to learn how to live with the illness.

  • Functional recovery workshops. Physical activity workshops (tai-chi, chi-kung, etc): exercise at a moderate and progressive level for an adequate physical fitness.

  • Memory training workshops.

  • Organization of conferences and/or talks related to the illness.

In some of the municipalities it is also possible to participate in activities arranged with fitness centres and public or private swimming pools where exercises in warm water, such as aquagym, can be practiced. The Territorial Activity Centres may, occasionally, organize meetings, the celebration of festivities (Christmas, lunches/dinners, etc.), as well as other activities that may contribute to the improvement of the patients' spirits and their social relationships.

It is worth mentioning the fact that some of the association's global activities are also performed in the Territorial Activity Centres, such as the interviews with   local and regional representatives of the administration and the search for collaboration agreements with organizations and enterprises located in the area of each specific centre.


aiguagimTaula informativatai-txí a l'aire lliure

The activities of ACAF, therefore, can be summarized according to its principal objectives: the improvement of the quality of life, the normalization and the social recognition
of people suffering from Central Sensitizacion Syndromes

Should you wish to participate, become a member of the association!





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