Association's structure

The ACAF is a non-profit association. It is, therefore, a juridical entity whose operations are regulated according to Law 4/2008 (Third Book of the Catalonia's Civil Code) and its Statutes.

All members of the ACAF have the same rights and duties, according to what is established in the association's Statutes.

The association consists of two governing bodies: the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. All members form part, in their own right, of the General Assembly, which meets, at least, once a year and which is entitled to resolve any questions established in the entity's Statutes. The Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly, its function being to manage and administrate the association according to the legal and statutory dispositions.

The ACAF - Associació Catalana d'Afectades i Afectats de Fibromiàlgia i d'altres Síndromes de Sensibilització Central is formed by all of its Territorial Activity Centres. These centres are meant to be a tool to increase the entity's activities outreach, helping the members of the association throughout the Catalan territory by facilitating their attendance to the social activities and their participation.

All Territorial Activity Centres have equal weight and play the same role within the association. The cross-cutting character of the Territorial Activity Centres organization makes all centres equal without the need to create a main one.

All Territorial Activity Centres are equally managed by the association's Board of Directors, even though, the activities of each centre are coordinated by one or more people, appointed by the Board of Directors. These people are the Territorial Coordinators. In the same way, the association's activities annual programme is coordinated by the organization's technical team, also responsible for the entity's technical office under the Board of Directors direct mandate.

Therefore, the association's basic organization can be summarized as follows:



All people associated are considered members with voice and vote in the decisions
that are the competence of this body.


Formed by associates, elected by the General Assembly, who direct and administer the association. It consists mainly of a president, of a secretary, and of a treasurer.
The Board of Directors may also have a vice president, as well as several chairs of the Board.
These positions are exercised by different people.

Today, the Board of Directors is formed by Maite Ribera (president), Glòria Guardiola (vice-president), Montserrat Duocastella (secretary), Pepi Folqué (treasurer) and Francisca del Río, Ana Maria Rovira and Victoria Callejas (board members).


Formed by a technical team in charge of the administrative tasks and the coordination of the entity's global activity, under the Board of Directors' guidelines.
General direction and coordination: David Cifre


Sergi Estanyol, Cristina Montané & Jordi Calm


Meeting centres to perform the activities, local or regional, ceded by town councils, entities, Generalitat de Catalunya... and coordinated by voluntary members of the association
appointed by the Board of Directors: the Territorial Coordinators.







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