Medal of Honor of the City of Sabadell 2014

Medalla d'Honor Ciutat de Sabadell 2014

On 29 May 2014, the ACAF received the Medal of Honor of the city of Sabadell.

ACAF was considered worthy of this award "for its educational work, outreach, support, information and guidance offered to people suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity and for their families".

Recollida Medalla Honor Sabadell 2014

Muntsa Duocastella, as regional coordinator and representative
of Sabadell's territorial activities center,
and Maite Ribera as president of ACAF,
collected the award from the Hon. Mr. Juan Carlos Sanchez, mayor of Sabadell.

Guardonats Medalla d'Honor Sabadell 2014

The representatives of the ACAF, along with other organizations and individuals from Sabadell awarded in 2014, and the Hon. Mr. Juan Carlos Sanchez, mayor of Sabadell.



"Ramon de Teserach" award 2006
from the
Academy of Medical Sciences and Health
of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands


diploma academia ciencies mediques

In 2006, the ACAF was awarded the "Ramon de Teserach" of the Academy of Medical Sciences and Health of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, the most important medical Corporation of our country, by the number of partners, companies and partnerships integrated therein and the volume of scientific activities developed.

ACAF was considered worthy of this award "for his meritorious educational tasks,
mutual aid and support assistance aimed at people affected,
their families and the general public,"
as well as for the great association task and the large geographical coverage
of our organization

maite premi academia

Maite Ribera, as president and representative of the whole membership of the ACAF,
received the award from Dr.
Juli de Nadal, director of the Institute of Health Studies of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and from Dr. Antoni Bombí, president of the Academy.



"1er de Maig" award 2002
from UGT Union - Tarragona


Premi "Primer de Maig 2002" de l'UGT Tarragona

In 2002, the ACAF was awarded "May 1st",
awarded annually by the UGT union in Tarragona,
for his work in guidance and support to
affected people.


Junta Directiva de l'ACAF l'any 2002

The award was collected by the members of the Board and founders of ACAF,
Sebastià Griñó, Hermínia Corbella and M. Rosa Garcia.



"Baixempordanès of the year 2002" award

Baixempordanes 2002

In 2002, Baix Empordà's coordinator , Mrs. Lali Murillo,
received the award "Baixempordanès de l'any", awarded annually to distinguished people who, with their work, help the progress of the Baix Empordà county.


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