What is organic disability?


Discapacitat orgànica

ORGANIC DISABILITY stems from a loss of functionality in one or more body systems (organs or systemic failures) caused by the development of chronic health conditions. This reality presents affectations that, in most cases, are not directly perceptible, nor are they associated with the most identified and stereotyped image of disability.

People with organic disabilities have to face their daily life with symptoms and manifestations such as pain or fatigue, sometimes acute or progressive. They also have to receive the necessary treatments, cope with side effects and attend constant medical consultations. At the same time, they must try to reconcile all this with their daily life, work, their environment and their life projects, among others. The lack of recognition of this type of disability leads to socio-economic and psychophysical difficulties that very often mean that the people affected do not have their needs covered.

The limitations, restrictions and social barriers that cause this disability are repeatedly minimised and made invisible. This generates problems in the coverage of support needs, difficulties in accessing or maintaining work and accessing the protection measures recognised by the administrations. In short, in order to develop a full life, under equal conditions and under the principle of personal autonomy, effective and real recognition is necessary within the current regulatory framework and international rights treaties for people with disabilities Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version).


More information on organic disability (in spanish):

Libro Blanco Discapacidad Orgánica





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